A warm welcome to the authority Website of Jaladhar Dey Institute Of Education. This site has been created to empower everybody to wind up acquainted with our College, its policies and other systems that are the essential for the smooth working of our B.ED College, and also to furnish you with upgraded College news, timetable and occasions.This College has been setup and oversaw by “Jaladhar Dey Memorial Educational Trust”, a not benefit making enrolled beneficent association with a mean to give for conquering any hindrance of the present day & overhauled instructive offices between Metro-urban communities & our District and we are consistently striving to accomplish our honorable article.
Remembering the above view, our Trust Body has concluded that they will set up a Teachers Training College in the name and style of “Jaladhar Dey Institute Of Education” for granting one-year B.ed Course.
“Jaladhar Dey Memorial Educational Trust”, covering a territory more than 85 sathak, is found at place Dist.- Birbhum, W.b., Pin-731103. The institutional building will have a developed region of more than 1500 square meter.
The establishment will begin working from the scholarly session 2014-15 with an introductory admission of 100 understudies in the B. Ed course. Continuously understudies will increment with extra admission limit Furthermore with the presentation of M. Ed course in future.


Jaladhar Dey Institute of Education, Research tries to be a universally perceived chief organization that offers to the general public all inclusive skillful instructors who are others conscious, synergistic and multicultural in their standpoint.

  • To develop Learning and Innovation Skills among students and teachers
  • To equip teachers and students with research driven instructional practices.
  • To foster life skills and work place skills among students and teachers.
  • To empower teachers and students with knowledge, skills, and attitude required to create inclusive and multicultural learning environments.
Goal and Objectives
  • To grow new scholarly projects and amended/modernize current projects to keep pace with the evolving financial social good situation.
  • To advance and direct instructive explores, and experimentation of creative thoughts and practices.
  • To direct in-benefit and pre-benefit educator training projects to overhaul showing proficiency of forthcoming instructors.
  • To advance PC competency for understudies, personnel, and stuff.
  • To give consultancy, direction and guiding administrations.
  • To build consciousness of understudy bolster administrations, approaches and grounds occasions among understudies.
  • To help and empower staff for individual scholarly development.
  • To advance sound practices, for example, group administrations, augmentation exercises, co-curricular exercises, ventures for the advantage of the general public.
  • To keep up a valuable, coordinated and easy to use administration data framework.
  • To advance correspondence, participation and shared basic leadership among managerial and Scholastic offices.
  • To ensure and sustain the institutional values and standards to the highest level.
  • Truth – in the pursuit, generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge.
  • Freedom – of thought and expression
  • Respect – for diversity and the dignity of the individual
  • Responsibility – as towards of the environment and citizens of the world.
  • Excellence – in intellectual, personal, and operational endeavours.
  • Integrity – in character and knowledge.
  • Innovation – in thinking and application.